SummFeed 0.11 Apk (News & Magazines App)




Follow your RSS Feeds and let SummFeed summarize the articles for you. SummFeed is a simple RSS Reader for keeping tracks of your blogs and summarizing them by picking the key points in the article.

It isn’t limited to the blog posts in your RSS Feed but also summarizes most articles shared into the app from the browser on your phone!

Atom Feeds aren’t supported just yet but they will soon!

The summaries are extracted from the article by finding the top 4, 8 or 12 sentences, depending on the article size, that contain the most information. It isn’t perfect but for most articles, it should provide the gist.

What’s New

  1. Added the ability to share into other apps from the summary screen woohoo

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SummFeed 0.11 Apk