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Smurfs’ Village Review

Smurf’s Village is based on the real cartoon where you are going to start your journey from a small mushroom house to a well plotted and beautiful village. This Smurf’s Village will give you an entirely new and unique experience of building a village with variety of different buildings, decorations, bridges, paths and much more. So what are you waiting for, enter in to the world of Smurfs to create a beautiful village now.

Smurfs’ Village Features

  1. Create an amazing village with variety of available items.
  2. Buy Smurfberries to grow your village and crops faster.
  3. Variety of mini games to play.
  4. Weather machine and 2 new river tunnels are added.
  5. Connect with your Smurf’s village friends and visit their villages to send and earn some gifts.
  6. You can also play it offline

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