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★ Persist is a new contender that’s one of the most powerful we’ve seen, and comes with tons of options.

★ Automatically silence your phone during meetings
Apply your favourite audio settings in one tap. Quickly silence volume levels at an appointment, or at night for a comfortable sleep. Presets can be scheduled to automatically apply at any time, location or calendar event.

★ Avoid unexpected bursts of sound
It’s the best way to prevent volume changes when bumped in your pocket, avoiding unexpected bursts of sound or missed calls. Using the “pocket locker” feature, you can automatically prevent accidental changes by locking the volume when your screen is off.

★ Easily access your favourite settings right from your home screen
A wealth of features at your fingertips. In an instant, you can change volume levels, apply presets, and much more, directly from your home-screen.

✔ Create scheduled presets to easily apply your favourite settings.
✔ Custom settings when your headphone or bluetooth receiver is connected.
✔ Lock each volume level to prevent accidental changes.
✔ Easily access volume controls and presets via notification shortcuts.
✔ Change ringtones for alarm, ringer, and notifications.
✔ Switch the ringer mode between silent, vibrate, and normal.
✔ Control vibrate settings.
✔ Separate or link ringer and notification volume.
✔ Perform various notifications such as a vibrate or sound when the volume is locked.
✔ Works great with Tasker and Locale with its built in preset plugin.
✔ View and change a variety of volume levels.
• Alarm
• Bluetooth
• Media
• Notification
• Ringer
• System
• Voice (in-call)
✔ Localized in these languages: Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Finish, French, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Sweden, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Slovak.

✔ Fully interactive home-screen widgets
• 1×1 Preset – apply a set of audio settings
• 1×1 Preset list – easily apply any preset
• 1×1 Volume locker – change or lock volume levels
• 1×1 Vibrate – switch vibrate settings for ringer and notification
• 1×1 Ringer mode – change the ringer mode
• 4×1 Dashboard – a slew of interactive volume widgets

NOTE: To access widgets, the app should not be installed to your sd-card, and some android versions may require a reboot for widgets to appear on your widget drawer.

What’s New
– Improved the tablet layout of the volume popup
– New translations to Slovak and Thai
– Promotion. Share your referral code with a friend to help them unlock all features.

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